Our Fall Photo Diary: how we take autumn photos

Zara DeGroot

Dear Fall Diary,

Today was the best fall day ever. The cool crispness is in the air, Starbucks sells Pumpkin Spice Lattes again and I can finally smear my off-brand pumpkin spice lotion on my dry skin without my friends asking what smells so vile. Talk about being “fall-filled.” 


And to make it better, I got to spend this beautiful, amazing fall afternoon with my favorite autumn accessory — a pumpkin. #blessed #pumpkinsarefun #fallforever

Not only that, but I gathered some of the best fall things — a pumpkin candle (duh) and lots of dead leaves.

Do you want to see my pictures? Well, you’re in luck. We brought along a professional cameraman (paparazzi, if you will — hehe) to document our journey. Just the typical day in the life of an autumn-inspired gal. This is just one day out of many more to come, but why not soak it all in while we can before the white blanket of chilliness descends, am I right? LOL.

Take a peek at our fun afternoon! Xoxo.

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Photos by Kevin Olson.

This post was satirical. 

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