Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers displayed at Fort Collins Museum of Art

Madison Wittman

Fort Collins Museum of Art

The Fort Collins Museum of Art is hosting an exhibit of Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers through Nov. 1.


With covers dating back to 1916, the museum has compiled all 323 of Rockwell’s pieces for the community to view and enjoy.

Rockwell produced covers for over five decades until he left the Saturday Evening Post in 1964. Throughout the Great Depression, World War II and the Baby Boom, Rockwell created images that told the tales of the times.

Known for the narrative abilities of his artwork, Rockwell’s Post covers depict a wide array of American life. In information at the exhibit, the Fort Collins Museum of Art described Rockwell’s work as displaying “themes of patriotism, family life, children, and coming of age.”

The collection itself is quite captivating. There are an abundance of covers, each unique and equally deserving of your attention. Every image effortlessly portrays a distinct aspect of its period. From pictures of children playing to portraits of men at war, Rockwell’s pieces captivate every aspect of 20th century Americana.

The Museum of Art presents Rockwell’s work with great care and attention to detail. The covers are divided into sequential groups, each accompanied by an informational poster explaining major events of the time and Rockwell’s artistic interpretation of them.

Additionally, there is an optional guided phone tour, a seek and find checklist for details that can be found within the covers, and a Rockwell word search that viewers can partake in.

Collegian A&E Reporter Madison Wittman can be reached at or on Twitter @madiwitt.