Meet Your Rams: Who do we have on campus?

Khalil Perkins

Colorado State University is home to a plethora of lively students. I went around campus meeting students. I got to hear where people are from, what they love about CSU and even advice for our first-year rams. For a couple of days I went around interviewing people at few notorious spots around campus. I can happily say Rams do it best!


While on my adventure around campus I got to meet students from all across the states, students came from places such as Alaska, California and even Pennsylvania. The freshman I did interview had nothing but good things to say about CSU and Fort Collins.

The majority of students said that Fort Collins and CSU has an outstanding community, and what they loved most about CSU was the people. Rams truly know how to show hospitality. When interviewing a few upperclassmen their advice for freshman was to start off with a good foundation but to also enjoy their time and utilize Fort Collins to its full advantage.

I met some great Rams shooting throughout the first week of school. For those of you that participated in this video, thank you. You all can expect many more projects from myself, as I plan to project the Fort Collins lifestyle. CSU has an amazing community with a wide variety of people with different interest. I suggest you all get out and Meet Your Rams!

Collegian A&E reporter Khalil Perkins can be reached at or on Twitter @KhalilRashad_