Totally 80’s Pizza reopens after fire

Madison Wittman

Although fire-related damages forced the pizza shop to close its doors in the beginning of June, Totally 80’s Pizza is back in business.

In their time closed, Totally 80’s Pizza completed necessary repairs and made a couple of updates. The shop celebrated its reopening Friday. 


“We got all new equipment and new booths,” said Totally 80’s Pizza owner Alex Morgan. “We also added 25 new pieces to our [’80s] museum.”

Their pizza recipes and ’80s vibe remain unchanged. And just weeks after opening, Totally 80’s Pizza already has several events in the works.

The shop will be hosting a display of Bill Murray art called “Art of the Murray” Sept. 21-27.

And ’80s horror movie fans can look forward to “a Totally 80’s Horror Party the entire month of October,” Morgan said.

After several months closed, Totally 80’s Pizza is back in business, making their pizzas, “like, totally awesome, man.”     

Collegian A&E Reporter Madison Wittman can be reached at or on Twitter @madiwitt.