‘The Blacklist’ season 3 premier: Everything you need to know

Randi Mattox

Acclaimed crime television show “The Blacklist” is returning at 9/8c Thursday on NBC. Here are the five concepts you need to understand before season three premiers:



1. Premise of “The Blacklist”

The first two seasons of “The Backlist” follow FBI’s most wanted criminal Raymond Reddington, who in exchange for immunity is helping the FBI capture a list of high profile criminals. Reddington’s most important condition in assisting the FBI is that he will only correspond with FBI profiler Elizabeth Keen.  

2. Agent Keen’s former relationship with Raymond Reddington

The first two seasons of “The Blacklist” were surrounded by discussion about whether or not Reddington was Agent Keen’s birth father. It was finally revealed during the finale of season two that Reddington was not Agent Keen’s father. However, he was involved in her childhood. 

 The episode disclosed that Agent Keen’s birth parents were both KGB agents in Moscow, Russia. When Agent Keen was a young child, she killed her birth father because he was assaulting her birth mother. Reddington, who was involved with Agent Keen’s parents at the time, blocked Agent Keen’s memory of her early childhood in Russia in an attempt to protect her.  

3. Agent Keen’s marriage with Tom

Tom is Agent Keen’s ex-husband who was revealed to be a covert operative hired by Reddington. Tom was seen leaving for Japan on a boat to pursue a new life as a fisherman at the end of season two. However, despite her feelings of betrayal, Agent Keen is still in love with Tom. 

4. How Agent Keen becomes a fugitive

During the season two finale, Agent Keen shot U.S. Attorney General Tom Connolly who was framing her for the spread of a deadly virus. In season three, the task force will be searching for Agent Keen and Reddington, who are now both FBI’s most wanted fugitives. 

5. Agent Ressler’s new assignment  


 Agent Ressler was the lead agent on Reddington’s case before Agent Keen was requested by Reddington to be his correspondent. Agent Ressler was Agent Keens partner during season one and two of “The Blacklist.” In season three, Agent Ressler will be in charge of the task force assigned to finding Agent Keen and Reddington. Although his job entails detaining his former partner, Agent Ressler still cares for Agent Keen and will face the challenge of fulfilling his assignment. 

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