Local Athletix builds a community on campus

Madison Wittman

Combining their passions for fitness and fashion, two Colorado State students worked together to create their own clothing brand.

Trevor Beck, senior economics major, and Zach Dreier, junior political science major, went from friends to business partners last March when they launched Local Athletix.


Together, they knew they were a good combination. With Dreier heavily involved in fitness and Beck interested in fashion and style, they put their minds together, and the brand “just kind of came out of the blue,” Beck said.

Co-Founders of local athletix Trevor Beck and Zachary Dreier.
Co-founders of Local Athletix Trevor Beck and Zachary Dreier represent their clothing in Rockwell West Thursday afternoon. (Photo by Amanda Garcia).

“We didn’t start (Local) for money or anything like that,” Dreier said. “We started this because we were both transfer students, and we both came here not knowing anyone but each other.”

Local Athletix aims to create a sense of community within the brand.

“You always see the same people in class and the same people walking around campus, but you don’t really have anything in common,” Beck said. “But if you see somebody wearing a Local shirt, you instantly do.”

Dreir said the name of the brand inspires their vision.

“We just want everyone to be local — to be a community,” Dreier said.

Local Athletix produces several variations of branded shirts and hats. Usually in black and white, reading “local,” and showing off three “Xs,” their products are easy to spot.

The three “Xs,” usually found vertically aligned down the front or back of the shirts, serve not only as a brand signifier, but symbolize the three pillars of the Local Athletix mission statement: dedication, motivation and acceleration.

Co-Founders Trevor Beck and Zachary Dreier discussing local athletix in Rockwell West.
Co-founders Trevor Beck and Zachary Dreier discuss Local Athletix in Rockwell West (Photo by Amanda Garcia).

“We are dedicated to our product, and we are dedicated to our people,” Beck said. “And at the same time we want to motivate not only ourselves through our product, we want to motivate the people that are wearing it to become better. And then accelerate is us passing on that torch to somebody who is wearing our product to spread that message on.”

One of Local Athletix’s reps, Nick Dalton, senior communications major, is proud to spread that message.


“Too many people are starting brands just because, and Local has meaning and personality,” Dalton said. “It’s a movement within a community.”

And while Beck and Dreier work to expand that community, they are also working hard as full-time students.

“Balancing the two is extremely difficult, but when you have an undying passion for something, you make it happen,” Beck said.

Even with the start of a new school year, Local Athletix has not slowed down.

“We are going to be coming out with a Rocky Mountain Showdown-inspired T-shirt,” Beck revealed.

With a promo code, CSU students can purchase the shirt for $12 and receive free shipping. According to Beck, they hope to see a crowd full of CSU students in the new Local shirt at the game. Shirts will also be available for purchase at Mile High Stadium on game day.

As the Local brand continues to grow, Beck and Dreier are ready for what is to come.

“You just have to be creative,” Beck said. “Be hardworking and relentless.”

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