Clarissa self-cares: 3 ways to use apple cider vinegar

Clarissa Davies

The smell may be pungent, but the benefits of apple cider vinegar definitely outweigh the odor of the tawny liquid. The next time you find yourself perusing King Soopers, swoop yourself up a bottle of apple cider vinegar, because who doesn’t want shinier hair, clearer skin, brighter teeth and above all, to feel detoxified?

(Photo credits: Flickr)

Dr. Oz can even vouch for me. According to him, “Apple cider vinegar is antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal.” Could there be a better triple-threat? 


Gone are the days of only using apple cider vinegar in cooking. The following suggestions are easy, simple and natural ways to integrate the folk remedy into your self-care routine. Be sure to use the raw and organic versions of apple cider vinegar because it contains excellent enzymes and beneficial bacteria.

1. Hair – Who doesn’t want to feel like their hair is totally clean and gunk-free? Combine 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and one cup of water, and after you’re done shampooing your hair, apply the liquid, making sure it’s massaged into your scalp. Let it sit for a minute or two, and rinse well. You’ll notice your hair is shinier and healthier looking because the hair’s cuticle is sealed while ACV removed build-up. Best of all, it doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils that keep your hair from being too dry like shampoo does.

2. Skin– In addition to balancing PH levels on hair because it’s so acidic, ACV also balances PH levels of skin, resulting is clearer, brighter skin. If you are using a toner after you scrub your face clean, try using ACV diluted with water and applied via cotton ball or cotton round as a natural toner instead. It will help reduce acne scars or even clear up warts (seriously). When I’ve used ACV as a toner, I’ve definitely noticed brighter skin and how it acts as a strong exfoliant.

3. Body – It may be gross, but if you stomach it, shots of ACV can aid in weight loss. Not only that, many health aficionados take it for energy and for total inner body balance. This is, again, due to its balancing PH levels. Instead of coffee and reliance on caffeine, swig some ACV. You could even mix it into sparkling water or juice to mask the taste. Nowadays, the word “detoxify” sparks excitement. Luckily for you, ACV is the holy grail of detoxification, because it works to cleanse your liver and lymph nodes and encourage cardiovascular circulation. Notably, if you’re suffering from allergies now, it helps with that, too, because it reduces congestion and mucous. Drink up for fewer stuffy noses, especially as well enter a colder season, where everyone seems to be sniffling.

If you’re hesitant to try it on your body, you can always use it as a cleaner (it’s great to use in toilets or the kitchen) and it reduces smells significantly. But, it’s so easy to incorporate it in some way into your life. And now you know – anything from curing a sore throat, hiccups to bad breath and beyond, turn to your friend, apple cider vinegar.

Collegian A&E Reporter Clarissa Davies can be reached at or on Twitter at @DaviesClarissa