Eight ways the ’80s are making a comeback

Hannah Ditzenberger

From Bill Murray celebrations to “Magnum P.I.” – themed parties, the dreams of the ’80s are alive on South College Avenue. Restaurant and ’80s museum Totally 80’s Pizza reopened July after being temporary closed due to a fire.

In honor of their comeback, here are eight things from the ’80s that are popular today.


Doc Martens

This grunge look was popularized in the ’80s. Now they are seen across our University campus.

“Ghostbusters” remake

With a primarily female cast, the new “Ghostbusters” movie will take a new spin on the old ’80s classic.


Thankfully, now they’re a bit more subtle than this.

High-wasted everything

From skirts to workout gear, high-wasted clothing was an ’80s staple. Now many girls rock the same style with an updated twist.

(Photo courtesy: Wikipedia)

Jean jackets

Though never truly disappearing, jean jackets were especially popular in the ’80s. Hopefully now, trends won’t turn to denim-on-denim styles.


Adam Sandler stars in this film about ’80s video games. Who wouldn’t love to see Pac-Man as a main character?


Capri Sun

The juice from your childhood soccer games first became popular in the ’80s.

Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler 

Look out, world — the ’80s superstar has gone country now

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