‘Game of Thrones’ is returning to rock our world

Aubrey Shanahan

My fellow “Game of Thrones” fans, rejoice. This Sunday, our beloved show returns, so that we may continue the grand tradition and masochistic process that is the weekly “GoT” viewing.

Our favorite characters will be mercilessly killed, horrible things will happen to the best people and great things will happen to horrible people. Each episode will cause us to slam our fists in frustration and cheer with the clash of each sword. For the next 10 Sundays, we will gather ‘round our televisions and revel in this great cable behemoth.


There is an undeniable energy surrounding “Game of Thrones,” and the momentum only picks up with each new season.

Season five is no different, and there are plenty of theories and questions swirling around. No book spoilers here — we’re only discussing what has occurred in the show and the possible consequences for the upcoming season.

That being said, major spoilers for season four ahead. Continue at your own risk.

The dragons are on lockdown.

Dany locked up two of her dragons after one of them killed a man’s young daughter. We know from the trailer that she seems to be unperturbed by Drogon (the dragon who killed the young girl) roaming around freely.

Things haven’t been going so well for her in Meereen, however, so it’s likely that her dragons are the least of her problems. Since she has banished Ser Jorah Mormont, she could use some council, and that council could very well come in the form of a disgraced Lannister.

What is going to happen to Tyrion?

He just killed Shae and his father, Tywin Lannister, in pair of scenes that was first heartbreaking and then incredibly satisfying. His sister Cersei has been plotting his demise essentially since he “killed” their mother during childbirth. Now that Tyrion is technically responsible for both parents’ deaths, my favorite fiery Lannister is surely out for blood.

Tyrion has to be leaving King’s Landing, and will likely have one of the most compelling storylines of the season, especially if he joins forces with Daenerys, a theory many fans are excited about.


Stannis Baratheon is north of the wall.

Which also means Melisandre is north of the wall, and things sure are pretty ominous whenever she shows up. Stannis, who has captured Mance Rayder, is now helping the Watch take care of the wall and watch out for any further danger (i.e., frost zombies). What role will Baratheon and his mysterious mistress play throughout the season?

She must have something up those sleeves, and it’s likely going to be dark and full of terrors …

The Stark ladies are out for revenge

Arya and Sansa are dealing with some heavy issues. Neither of them are aware that the other is alive, and thus are taking matters in their own hands. Arya left the Hound to die and boarded a ship to Braavos to likely be trained in the art of killing Lannisters while her sister, Sansa, has joined forces with her shuddersome friend Petyr Baelish.

While I do not approve of Petyr’s creep level, Sansa is looking pretty badass these days, and looks to be taking on the strong-willed characteristics of her late mother. She worries me sometimes, but hopefully she won’t be completely under Littlefinger’s thumb as things progress. Arya, on the other hand, could very well be the last one standing; that girl has massively impressive willpower.

If season five has even half the twists, turns and surprises of season four, fans will likely be satisfied, but something tells me this season is going to be the most topsy-turvy one yet.

Valar Morghulis.

Collegian A&E Writer Aubrey Shanahan can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @aubs926.