Film Review: “It Follows”

Morgan Smith

In today’s world of less and less quality horror movies, “It Follows” carries on the torch and reminds us that not all scary stories have been told yet. The premise of “It Follows” is simple, but inherently scary; there is an unknown force, disguised as a normal person, always walking directly towards you. It will follow you to the ends of the earth. The only way to lose it is to pass it on through sex. If the person you passed it to is killed by the monster, “it” will go back up the ladder to find you again.

Image courtesy of IMDb. “It Follows” was released March 27.

Maika Monroe plays the scream queen of “It Follows,” who contracts the STD-like curse of this ever-following monster after an innocent sexual encounter. She does an excellent job, giving many more dimensions to this role which, in other low-budget horror flicks, would be portrayed simply by endless screaming and crying. After seeing the fantastic makeup and costuming the filmmakers did for the various human disguises of the monster, just thinking about the premise alone gave me an uneasy feeling. Not to mention, the film was shot and directed fantastically. The shots and cinematography have a modern, neat feel to them, and tells a story through clever camera placement and cuts. I almost want to get up and applaud when a good horror movie comes out that isn’t in a found-footage style. Now, I only gave this movie an 8/10 on IMDb because the script could have used some work. Some scenes could have been tighter, some scenarios should have been rethought to come off as more believable and some of the character’s decisions didn’t make too much sense. Here I’m talking about the inevitable scene where the monster disappears and the main woman thinks, “Huh, let me creep up and make sure it’s gone. What’s the worst that could happen?” By far my biggest question about the film is about this weird piece of technology one of supporting cast was using. If you haven’t seen it you won’t know what I’m talking about, but maybe people who managed to get to the theater last weekend can help me out here. One of the young women was using this super strange kind of e-reader, with a close-able pink clam casing and a two screen system like a Nintendo DS, except the screens were touch screens. The first time I saw it I was like, “I want something like that, that’s awesome. It’s just a really tiny Kindle for your pocket.” Only problem is the movie is set in the 70s, and I’m almost positive nothing like that existed back then. It was throwing me off the whole time. Anyway, this is only writer and director David Robert Mitchell‘s second film, and his first horror feature. “It Follows” had a pleasant debut at the Cannes Film Festival in France last year, and has now finally found its way to a wide release here. The film has only made only about $4.5 million so far, but the film is expanding this week and will hopefully achieve the popularity it deserves. People love this movie, which currently has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a rare 83 on Metacritic.


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