Brewery Yoga every Sunday at Fort Collins Brewery

Alex Lee

A new trend spreading across the country, Brewery Yoga, has made its way to the Fort Collins community, bringing lovers of both yoga and beer alike to enjoy Sunday mornings together at The Fort Collins Brewery, 1020 E. Lincoln Ave.

Kaylee Kulich, brand manager at Fort Collins Brewery, and Whitney Messinger, yoga instructor for Brewery Yoga, collaborated together to bring this new concept to life, driven by a common goal.


Kulich saw the concept trending in Boulder and Denver, which made her want to bring it to Fort Collins.

“I was shocked that nobody else was doing it here yet, so I was like, yeah, we have to do this,” Kulich said.

Starting with only once a month back in November, the class has now become a weekly event, held every Sunday from 10-11 a.m. in the Community Room at the Fort Collins Brewery.

Messinger said her favorite part of Brewery Yoga is bringing together all the different types of people that come to class.

“We try to set a welcoming atmosphere, because some big yoga studios can be overwhelming,” she said.

Not only do you get to enjoy an hour of a Vinyasa (flow) power yoga class and then receive a drink of your choice in the brewery afterwards, but most of the proceeds also go towards the FoCo Café.

The FoCo Café at 225 Maple St., focuses on providing healthy food access to the community that is affordable for anyone. Here you can pay what you are able, pay what you normally would, pay it forward or volunteer.

The class has raised over $600 for the Café, according to Kulich.

Both Kulich and Messinger have a goal to bring the community together in more ways than one. They have seen huge success in the reaction of the people taking the class and the support towards their mission.

“I believe what they’re doing is really good and it is a completely community-driven place, so that’s why I want to support it,” said Sandy, a returning student for Brewery Yoga.


For a town like Fort Collins, that encompasses beer connoisseurs, community enthusiasts and activity seekers, this new addition sounds like it might just be the perfect fit.

“Coloradoans love physical activity and beer – What’s better than combining the two?” Messinger said.

For only $15 a class, the ladies invite participation from all, no matter the skill level.

“Although it is a power yoga — so it’s a little more physical activity than some expect when they think about yoga — we strive for a beginner-style power yoga class, so we invite all to join,” Messinger said.

Grab your yoga mat, fill up that water bottle and head to Fort Collins Brewery on Sunday at 10 a.m. It’s a good idea to register ahead of time, since space is limited, at

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