Geeky date ideas in time for Valentine’s Day

Dom Lopez

Joshua Bianchi and Kara Pounds play a game at the Haunted Game Cafe. (Photo credit: Stephanie Mason)
Joshua Bianchi and Kara Pounds play a game at the Haunted Game Cafe. (Photo credit: Stephanie Mason)

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, people are starting to think of romantic date ideas. We geeks are no different — whether your idea of a perfect dessert is a cake shaped like Mario or you’d rather follow a trail of rose petals to a game of “Lords of Waterdeep” on a bed than anything else, here are some fun ways to spend your romantic night together.

Romantic Games to Play


There are a slew of games for couples to play. The ones mentioned here utilize teamwork over competition. A couple who plays together stays together.

Forbidden Island“: A table-top game that focuses on teamwork, players are dropped off on an island and must recover treasures while trying to stop the island from sinking. As the game progresses more and more pieces of the board fall into the ocean, so you’re always on edge and working together is a must, otherwise you’ll be lost just like the treasure you’re seeking.

Super Mario 3D World“: Any gamer knows that a first-party Nintendo game is guaranteed to be a good time, and this WiiU title is no exception to the rule. In this game, players work together to collect coins and smash goombas in colorfully-rendered worlds. This is a game that casual players and die-hards alike can find enjoyment in, and any WiiU owner should own this title (in fact, most new console owners have it bundled in by default).

World of Warcraft“: With a ridiculous amount of stuff to do, any hardcore gaming couple can find plenty of enjoyment here. And on the plus side, you’re not really being anti-social if you’re addicted together, right?

Romantic Movies to Watch

Finding a movie that everyone can enjoy is always a hard time, but here are some that hopefully you can both agree on and settle down on the couch together:

Harry Potter” series: If you don’t have all day and night to watch the whole thing, you can skip to the later ones when the effects are better and the story really takes off.

Rocky“: This may not be what people think of when romantic movies come to mind, but hear me out. The story is about a down-on-his-luck boxer who gets the opportunity of a lifetime, and finds a shy girl to fall in love with. Over the course of the movie he finally wins her over — just in time to get his face punched in. Over and over. But hey, at least he found love.

Hopefully this gives you geeks out there some ideas for a romantic day, but just remember that as long as you’re all are having fun and enjoying each other’s company it really doesn’t matter what you’re doing.

Collegian A&E Geek Beat Writer Dom Lopez and be reached at or on twitter @DominiqueLopez.