“Game of Thrones” IMAX experience arrives in Denver

I wasn’t prepared for it.

The huge screen was infinitely larger than my laptop. The surround sound made each clang and musical note shake my insides more than my headphones ever could. And of course, the IMAX resolution was perfect, and did not suffer the constant buffering from limited wi-fi.


English: Logo from the television program Game...
English: Logo from the television program Game of Thrones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Up until now, my experience with “Game of Thrones” was limited to either my own imagination or my laptop’s streaming capabilities. The recent release of season four’s last two episodes on IMAX, alongside a premiere trailer for season five, changed this.

In short, experiencing such an impactful show like “GoT” on a screen that is 500 times larger than your laptop is a sensory overload.

The visual effects that were normally clouded out with pixels as my internet connection tried to keep up were clear. I was left floored realizing the sheer quality that went into the effects.

Normally, what captivated me about the show and books were the complex story elements. However, this viewing experience took the show to a new level of cinematography that I hadn’t noticed in the past.

In particular, the contrast between icy blue and fiery orange colors casted filters over many of the scenes and characters, creating beautiful shots and themes for the overarching story.

Additionally, the musical score and the shudder worthy sound effects were phenomenal, given the booming theater speakers. Large panoramic shots and fight scenes were given new intensity as the orchestral strikes made the room shake.

Even the long opening theme song that starts each episode was on a new level, instead of being the repetitive credit sequence I skip over.

For once, I feel like I was able to appreciate the show on the level that the creators intended. When I watch the show on my inadequate laptop I fill in the gaps in pixel quality with my own imagination from the books. This showing only made me wish I could see past and future episodes in the same format.

The final two episodes of season four led into the showing of an intense and frantic, trailer for season five. Needless to say, for fans of the show, the trailer is a gift, getting you even more ready for the April premiere.


IMAX theaters in the Denver area will be showing the “GoT” experience, including the episodes and trailer, until Feb. 5.

This experience altered how I see this series, and I’m only sad that soon I will have no choice but to revert back to my laptop, a small TV, HDMI cord and a hope and prayer for wifi.

Collegian A&E Writer Skyler Leonard can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @skyler_leonard.