Five best local cafes for studying

Let’s be real … no one wants to study.

But, we’re in college and that’s what we’re here for.


It’s not that CSU doesn’t provide enough places to study, but who wants to study in an unfriendly, boring academic building or the alternating freezing cold/scorching hot Study Cube?

Here are some spunky, relaxing, study-friendly cafes around Fort Collins that provide great alternatives to on-campus studying:

Note: All the cafes have free Wi-Fi. Necessity.

Alley Cat Cafe:

Students Sara McFarland, and Lacee Smith, students at Poudre High School, study at The Alley Cat Coffee House.
Sara McFarland and Lacee Smith, students at Poudre High School, study at The Alley Cat Coffee House.

This cafe is open 24/7. I feel like that’s all I need to say, but I’ll say a little bit more.

This place was meant for studying, with its relaxing atmosphere and mix-and-match decorations.

The coffee is great and the baristas are so nice that you may end up staying even after you’ve gotten your work done.

Additional perks: they are known for their delicious sandwiches and don’t forget it’s open 24/7. Did I mention that?

Wild Boar Cafe:

This is my personal favorite place to study.


Although the building on College Avenue may look small, the inside is like a maze of perfect places to study.

There’s an upstairs area with lots of natural sunlight and comfy spots to get some work done. But for those extra-busy days, the basement is absolutely perfect. Most of the time everyone in the basement is working on something, so it is very quiet.

Additional perks: the kitchen has scrumptious food and board games are available to give your brain a break.

Everyday Joe’s Coffee House:

The open space concept of Everyday Joe’s is perfect for your creative juices.

Friendly, volunteer baristas serve coffee and small snacks while you study in a peaceful environment. This place is great because it feels like a communal work space.

Additional perks: music events on the weekends. Closed on Sunday for church where everyone is welcome.

Café Ardour:

Located in Old Town, Café Ardour is a charming, small café with great coffee and tasty snacks.

Large tables provide enough work space for even the toughest projects.

Additional perks: local artists’ pieces are featured on the walls offer a nice study break.


Conveniently located across from the Oval, Mugs provides students with an alternative study space.

Mugs is great if you’re on campus and need to get work done, but you want a break from the campus feel.

Additional perks: they have a discount student breakfast and are open late.

Collegian A&E Writer Natalie Wendl can be reached at or on Twitter @NatalieWendl.