Campus Voice: CSU students share their cold remedies

Caitlyn Berman

The days of scraping the ice off of your windshield and being blasted by snowy wind on your way to class don’t seem to be going anywhere. Along with these winter months come a variety of inconvenient colds, flues and other bed-friendly ailments. Knowing how to minimalize their impact will be helpful.

These fellow CSU students offered their personal sickness remedies for the winter season:



Lauren Keriotis



Lauren Keriotis, CSU senior studying interior design: “I buy a 5-pound bag of Cuties and leave my shower on till my apartment becomes a giant steam room.”

Elle McGinn


Elle McGinn, CSU sophomore studying biology: “I eat a lot of cough drops; that usually gets me through. Stay in bed and take cough medicine.”





Ashley Romero, CSU junior studying communications: “I go to Whole Foods or stores like it and buy 100 percent orange juice for vitamin C. Drink lots of water and get some sleep.”

David Cosner



David Cosner, CSU senior studying English: “I stay home because if you’re sick you’ll get everyone else sick. I play lots of video games and do absolutely nothing—like you’re supposed to.”

Alexa Locken



Alexa Locken, CSU sophomore studying business: “I watch Netflix and sleep a lot; that’s my cure!”

Brandon Wooldridge



Brandon Wooldridge, CSU Senior studying liberal arts: “I like to eat chicken noodle soup, drink Emergen-C for sure, and drink lots of water and rest.”

Audrey Barlock



Audrey Barlock, CSU sophomore studying journalism: “I make sure to drink my body weight in water, and wash my hands so I don’t get other people sick.”

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