The first weeks back are the best of the semester; here’s why:

It can be really difficult to accept the fact that a new semester is beginning, especially if you had a particularly relaxing and fun winter break. Coming back from time with family and friends, from beach vacations and no due dates makes the classes ahead seem daunting. Thankfully, the first couple weeks of school are generally the easiest and most enjoyable weeks of the semester, and here are some reasons why:

Syllabus week


Each professor dedicates at least some time to explain how their class is organized, so its highly unlikely that you’re diving into heavy material right away. It’s nice to get to know each class, but its also good to know that if your vacation runs long or you have important errands to take care of, you aren’t going to be missing essential information. You can also get to know each professor and whether or not you want to actually take the class; the way they set it up and present introductory information can completely change your opinion.

Friends have open schedules

Most of us have yet to receive any important assignments, so it’s a great time to spend with friends at your favorite restaurant or bar. No doubt there are plenty of entertaining stories to swap; this time allows us to reconnect with everyone we missed over break and will help set the semester off on a positive note.

You have an open schedule

The first couple weeks are a wonderful period of limbo; over break, there are only expectations to spend time with family and friends from home. During the semester, there are so many assignments to complete that it is near impossible to take a decent amount of time for yourself. This first week is a great time for Netflix binge, some workouts towards that resolution or to read that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

You have time to organize your life

Let’s be honest; for most of us, finals week was a flurry of studying and preparing to go home. It’s common to come home to a messy apartment with papers and books from last semester sitting around. This first weeks give you the time you need to clean up your space and get things in order for the semester ahead. As annoying as these chores can be, you can’t deny that getting organized feels really, really good.

It’s truly all about the extra time you get when not bogged down by school and work. Whatever you do/did for these first couple weeks, hopefully it results in good memories and a promising start to the semester.

Collegian A&E Writer Aubrey Shanahan can be reached at or on Twitter @aubs926.