4 ways to ease back into classes


School is back in session and it can be hard to get back into the swing of things, especially after such a long break. If you are like me, you watched copious amounts of Netflix and trashy TV, so getting back in the groove of school is a little hard. Here are some ways to help ease back into that groove.


Get organized

Start planning out the semester once you get your syllabi for every class. Go through and add all the due dates and important dates to your planner so you are not overwhelmed later. Even though it is not the most fun activity, cleaning your room will help you start the semester with a clear mind. Starting off on a good note will carry through the entire semester.

Set goals for the semester

Setting small goals to maintain throughout the semester will help you stay motivated. Start small with goals such as reading over your notes each night or workout three times a week. You can go bigger and strive to get an A in your most challenging class this semester.

Go grocery shopping

No matter what age, going grocery shopping for school lunches is always the best. After grocery shopping, you are always excited about the new foods you have bought and you have something to look forward to during that one class that always seems to last for hours. Get comfort foods or sweet treats that you are craving. Go for some old school fruit snacks or fresh fruit to fuel your day.

Make an awesome playlist

It always helps to have some great music to listen to on the way to class. Try this one. Hopefully it will make your walk to class more enjoyable.

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