Tips for working out as the weather cools

Royce Hoffner

The time of the year when no one wants to leave the warmth of their bed is fast approaching. This means that having to haul yourself out of bed for work is going to be disastrous enough, let alone getting up and heading to the gym. Not happening.

To help with staying in shape, we at the Collegian want to offer up some ways to keep that extra weight off during those frigid months.


Learn about your diet

Knowing what you crave when you are stressed or bored is the key to being able to counteract those pesky feelings of hunger. Try having fresh fruit and vegetables on hand to munch on when these feelings strike. Try to keep your diet balanced.

We all love hot chocolate when it’s cold, but filling up your thermos in the dining hall is going overboard. Try substituting it with the original energy drink: water. This will help keep you hydrated and energized and, no, Regina George, water is not a carb.

Try out exercising at home

Not all of us want to buy weights and have a copy of a P90x or Richard Simmons DVD in our belongings, (to those of you that do, you’re the real MVP) but to exercise at home can be very easy. Try doing some push-ups or crunches the next time you are watching Netflix. Doing things while watching something is not only easy, but you’re actually accomplishing two things at once, unlike when you study with the TV on for “background noise.” Please.

Maximize your day

If you simply can’t miss going to the gym or just like to get outside, try to plan around the warmest part of the day. Going out and doing things when the weather is at its coldest will only make you more miserable.

Use what you’ve got

This goes back to exercising at home. If you don’t own weights, but you want to do things at home, try using things you have around the house. Giant canned goods can make for excellent dumbbells and old bike tires are good resistance bands. Turn what’s around you into the gym you want it to be, but don’t think lifting that bag of Doritos from the floor to your chest while watching “Game of Thrones” counts.

Good luck during these winter months. It’s hard for all of us to keep our heads up and stay motivated. Getting your daily dose of endorphins is key. Stay motivated and we’ll work through these months together.


Collegian A&E Writer Royce Hoffner can be reached at or on Twitter @RoyceHoffner.