Five signs you are so ready to graduate

Caitlyn Berman

Despite its year-specific title, senioritis is not a condition reserved solely for senior students.  The grumbles of discontent and “over it” attitudes can hit at any time, any year.

The signs that you are ready to graduate and finally grab your diploma come in waves. Here are some of the tell-tale signs.


Skipping classes out of spite

We’ve all slept through classes, left for an early weekend in lieu of classes or just abandoned the idea altogether because of unbearably snowy days. Yet now, in the haze of graduation-readiness, class and the busy work professors burden us with are nagging mosquitos in our ears. Skipping class or “forgetting” an assignment may hurt us in the end, but somehow it feels like we’re standing up for our own sanity by boycotting unnecessary tasks. Maybe we’ll just be sitting in our rooms binge-watching old TV shows, but it sure beats zoning out in a fluorescent-lit classroom.

Actually applying for real jobs

It’s an unfortunate realization that after college we actually have to apply to and compete for real-life jobs. Browsing or waiting in line at the Career Center to learn about University-affiliated companies are now at the forefront, and what comes after college suddenly seems more important than college itself. Who knew we’d actually dress professionally to attend career fairs and view our classmates as competitors in the job market? Time to polish our resumes; the real world is waiting.

Avoiding the Plaza and other busy parts of campus

In earlier years, the hustle and bustle of campus may have seemed alluring in a sense. Now, the mere notion of being shouted at, handed things or rushed in a current of students sends uncomfortable chills down our spines. We’ve actually mapped out our routes to class primarily to dodge foot-traffic areas. It may require more walking, but at least it’ll be bearable.

Good riddance to ragers

The hype surrounding parties and blacking out “fun” simply feels tiring now. Those nights crafted some humorous memories, but gatherings with real friends are more viable weekend plans than mingling with random strangers. As tempting as it sounds, no thanks, ragers – we’re moving on.

Sweatpants on the daily

If rolling out of bed and begrudgingly heading to class were commonplace before, then they are a lifestyle choice now. We don’t care about looking cute or trying to put an outfit together. That extra 40 minutes of sleep in the morning and feeling comfortable throughout the day take precedence. Plus, the more comfortable the clothes, the easier it’ll be to daydream in class.


While these symptoms of graduation-readiness can feel brooding, their presence is actually a good sign. College is an amazing time, but it’s good to feel ready for whatever comes next – even if that means we have to be productive members of society.

Collegian A&E Writer Caitlyn Berman can be reached at or on Twitter @CaitlynBerman.