Pure Barre offers glow in the dark workout

Sierra Cymes

Pure Barre is trading florescents for black lights for a glow in the dark “College Night” on Thursday at 6:35 p.m.

“I was thinking of something that would be fun for students around Halloween time and the idea kinda just popped into my head,” said Stephanie Spalding, owner of Pure Barre. “I was thinking it would be fun to do just a class with different lighting versus our normal class. You wouldn’t think lighting is important, but in our studio it makes a difference.”


The studio, located on 2948 Council Tree Ave #119, lets light in through the glass storefront, but a door closing off the studio space can shut out all light.

The studio is hosting College Night for its first time since opening in August of 2013.

“We would love for more college students to come and so we’re just trying to find a fun and exciting way to introduce college students to Pure Barre,” said Erica Dull, a senior communications major at the University of Northern Colorado, and the instructor for the College Night class.

Dull says people can come in their brightest outfits. The studio will provide black lights, glow sticks and glow paint.

All of the classes at Pure Barre focus on the exercise the studio was named for: barre.

“It’s a barre class and barre itself is in its own category but a good descriptor is it’s kind of a combination of pilates, yoga and strength training,” Spalding said.

Dull says in the College Night class students will work on toning their thighs, seat, abs and arms doing different exercises either at the bar or in the center of the room.

“It’s finding isometric holds using your own body weight and having small movements to tone your muscles,” she said.

Spalding says this style of training is what sets Pure Barre apart from other gyms.

“That’s a big competitive advantage of ours and a differentiator because, unlike a bigger gym that may offer a bunch of different classes, we only offer one type of class and we like to think we do one thing and we do it really well,” Spalding said.


To generate interest from college students for the event, Pure Barre is running special pricing. The class offers a two for $20 deal according to the Pure Barre website.

“It’s a great deal for two people if they want to come try it out,” Spalding said.

Spalding wants to attract more college clients with her glow class, and discounted memberships are another perk for college students at her studio.

“Normally our student pricing is  discounted off of our regular pricing; it’s $18 for a single class or you can do two months of unlimited classes for $200. And that’s about half off our normal pricing,” Spalding said.

To sign up, go onto purebarre.com and find the Fort Collins location. The website will show a schedule of the classes and students can sign up as a new client for College Night.

“The most unique part for Thursday will be the black lights. We have a bunch of glow sticks, we have body paint if people want to come early and get festive. I think it’s going to look really cool with the black lights and if people are in bright clothes,” Spalding said.

Collegian A&E Writer Sierra Cymes can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @sierra_cymes.