Old Town’s Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant hosts weekly salsa dancing

Emily Short

Students and Fort Collins residents learn to dance the salsa in Rio Grande's Agave Room on Tuesday night. (Photo credit: Sarah Fish)
Students and Fort Collins residents learn to dance the salsa in Rio Grande’s Agave Room on Tuesday night. (Photo credit: Sarah Fish)

The sound of a live band with an ethnic flair can be heard pouring out of the upstairs of the Rio in Old Town.

Every Tuesday night, the Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant hosts salsa dancing and lessons above the restaurant at the Agave Room.


According to Michael Glavanovich, the owner of the dance company, this has been happening every week for at least 15 years. The group is a mix of new faces and returners that have been there for years. The event sees around 125 patrons per night.

“My favorite part is the community and the connections made here,” Glavanovich said. “It’s a fun place to enjoy the evening.”

Most of the time recorded music is played, but on the second Tuesday of every month, there is a live band playing. One other week of the month has a DJ.

The bar is open every Tuesday of the month, but dancers do not have to be 21 to enter.

“My job is to make sure it’s a fun night for everyone,” Glavanovich said. “We want everyone to be safe and taken care of for the night.”

Lessons for the even the greenest of beginners begin at 7:30 p.m. The salsa dancing for everyone begins at 8:30 p.m..

Glavanovich and his wife Lisa have only owned the dance company for three months, but have been volunteering at the Agave Room for years.

“We just started managing this ourselves,” Lisa Glavanovich said. “Before we were managing the event for another company. We just want to do right by everyone here.”

Michael has been dancing since he was 10 and Lisa has been dancing salsa for the past three years. According to the Glavanovichs, they want to spread their love of dancing and increase that community.

“A friend of mine has been coming here and said great things about it so we decided to try it out,” said Greg Goble, a patron of the Rio’s salsa dancing.


Goble was accompanied by friend Debbie Brunett.

“We came for the lessons because it was recommended to us. We learned a lot and have enjoyed ourselves. We definitely want to come back,” said Brunett.

The pair attended the dance lessons and stayed later to keep dancing.

Entrance is $3 every Tuesday, except when there is a live band, in which case entrance is $10.

“We want to reach more of CSU to build a bigger community for dancing,” Glavanovich said. “Even though everyone from kids to grandparents come, the majority of people we see are high school and college kids.”

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