Grieves comes home to the Aggie Theatre

Kedge Stokke

It’s been a year since hip-hop artist Grieves performed in Fort Collins, and on Thursday at the Aggie Theatre, he didn’t disappoint any fans.

Opening for Grieves was rapper Sol. He got the crowd going with several songs from his new EP, such as “Old Him,” a song he wrote while in India, “So Damn High” and the brand new, “People”. He ended his set with upbeat crowd favorite, “2020.”


Photo credit: Kedge Stokke
Photo credit: Kedge Stokke

Originally from Fort Collins, Grieves packed the Aggie with fans eager to see him on his “A Different Kind of Wild” Tour.

Grieves jump-started his set with the first song off his new “The Winter and The Wolves” album, “Rain Damage” and kept up the momentum with an upbeat single “No Matter What.”

Grieves isn’t one to be shy about his feelings or put up an overly masculine front.

Many of his songs are about heartbreak and loss, but he refuses to be belittled because of this.

“You wouldn’t call Marvin Gay or BB King emo,” Grieves explained to the crowd. “That was called soul.”

He then performed an upbeat jazz-inspired song, “Sunny Side of Hell,” followed by more melancholy songs, both old and new, such as “Smoke in the Night” and “Serpents.”

On stage, Grieves is like a little kid, running around, dancing silly and joking endlessly with the crowd between and during songs.

At one point he exited the stage and came back wielding a bottle of Jameson. He took a swig, and jumped right back into the show with a crowd favorite “On the Rocks” and kept rolling with “Burn it Down.”

Later, the concert “leveled up” and Grieves and his band played a rendition of his song “I Ate Your Soul” that incorporated sounds from retro video games. The crowd didn’t lose momentum and remained loud and vibrant until the band returned to the stage and played two last songs.

The night ended with his classic “Light Speed” and audience members all around closed their eyes, held their head up and let the music wash over them.


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