For that coffee buzz: Creative coffee drinks at local cafes

Caitlyn Berman

Graeme Troxell, a second year masters student studying philosophy, drinks a cappuccino at Mug's Coffee Shop on Thursday afternoon. (Photo credit: Eliot Foust)
Graeme Troxell, a second year masters student studying philosophy, drinks a cappuccino at Mug’s Coffee Shop on Thursday afternoon. (Photo credit: Eliot Foust)

Fort Collins is definitely a coffee shop town, and whether it is for studying, socializing or a grabbing a bite to eat, people flock to cafes daily to get their favorite drinks. The following list compiles the most popular drinks at local coffee spots, as recommended by their baristas.

Mugs Coffee Lounge


306 W Laurel St.

Aside from regular drip coffee, Mugs sells a lot of their Big White Whale drinks, which mix white chocolate, hazelnut and Irish cream with espresso. This drink can be served cold or hot.

Dazbog Coffee

401 Mason Ct

Dazbog recommends its Brain Damage drink, a frozen blended drink mixing cappuccino powder, chocolate syrup and chocolate-covered espresso beans for a chocolaty, chilling experience.

Wild Boar Coffee

1510 S College Ave.

The Wild Boar recommends their Mexican Mocha, a dark chocolate, cayenne and cinnamon mixed drink that can be served hot or cold.

They also speak highly of their new seasonal drink, a pumpkin latte with ginger bread and toasted marshmallows, made with half and half creamer instead of milk for that extra cozy fall feeling.

Cuppy’s Coffee


353 W Drake Rd.

Family-operated Cuppy’s Coffee lists their sweet and spicy chai as being most frequently ordered, which blends both bhakti chai and sweet chai together in one drink.

Their almond milk mocha is also a crowd pleaser, with two shots of espresso, dark chocolate mocha sauce and almond milk, served hot or iced.

Starry Night Espresso Cafe

112 S College Ave #100

Aside from their popular-selling chai lattes and drip coffees, Starry Night says their chocolate coconut espresso frappes are a true treat.

The Little Bird Bake Shop

11 Old Town Square

The Little Bird Bake Shop is known for their cappuccinos, made less airy than most other places. They use microfoam techniques so the cappuccinos havevelvety texture, with the foam and espresso mixed in together rather than separated. Happy hour at Little Bird is from 7-10 a.m., during which time cappuccinos are only $2.

Momo Lolo Coffee House

1129 W Elizabeth St.

Momo Lolo regulars like the Morning Sunshine drink, a matcha blend combining milk, peach smoothie and matcha with ice.

Momo Lolo also suggests Snickers, one of their specialty lattes with espresso, milk, chocolate, caramel and hazelnut flavoring.

The Crooked Cup

147 W Oak St #101

The Crooked Cup warms up guests with their seasonal drinks — maple and pumpkin lattes.

The Crooked Salty is also a popular drink, which is a salted caramel latte.

Café Ardour

255 Linden St

The Yerba Mate from Café Ardour is a crowd favorite, fusing yerba black tea with their mocha mix, served hot or cold.

The Human Bean

821 N College Ave

Among the Human Bean’s most popular drinks is the Snowcapped Rocky, a white chocolate latte with Ghirardelli white chocolate powder.

The Sugar Mama is also frequently drunk, blending white chocolate and caramel in a latte.

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