6 apps that can help you maintain your sanity

Emily Short

Our society is heavily dependent on technology, but it does not necessarily have to make our lives more difficult. There are many advantages to modern technology. Smartphones have the ability to simplify some aspects of life.

With that in mind, here are some apps that help keep us sane:



Instead of simply keeping all log ins and passwords in a note app, where anyone can view them if they have your phone open, an app known as Keeper makes sure they are secure. Entries include the username and password for each website or app. Everything from a Facebook log in, to social security numbers to bank information can be kept in the app.




Tick is an app that helps keep all lists organized in a very visual way. Each list gets a box on the screen that has a different customizable color and symbol to represent the name of your list. It is similar to the reminders app that comes with Apple products, but the user is able to make multiple lists. Each box can be moved around to fit what is most important.





Pocket works well if someone wants to read, but does not have access to Wi-Fi or does not want to use data. The app saves articles and posts so that they can be read at a later time without needing network capabilities. It also helps keep important posts that could otherwise be lost farther back on websites.





Dropbox works best for accessing and sharing all types of photos, and documents between devices. The app and website is an off site storage space with a log in. It can be accessed from all manner of devices and automatically upload from a phones camera roll. It creates more space on devices because the files can be deleted from the devices and still accessed through Dropbox.





Swipes is an organizing app that creates a streamlined to-do list. Swiping left says that the task has been completed. Swiping right takes the task off the to-do list and lists options of when it can be delayed. The tasks can have categories listed under each entry, have added actions steps and different levels of priorities.




Safe trek

Safe trek is the handheld virtual version of a blue light alarm system station. A person would hold down the blue button until they feel safe and then enter the code. If the code is not entered, the police will be notified. This ensures that if someone is feeling unsafe they can ensure that emergency services will know should something go wrong.

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