Trevor Hall wows audience at Aggie Theatre

Kedge Stokke

In honor of his recent album release, Trevor Hall played for a crowd of nearly 200 at the Aggie Theatre Saturday night.

Photo courtesy of Kedge Stokke
Photo courtesy of Kedge Stokke

The show started off with a soft-spoken artist, Mike Love, who kicked off the evening solo armed with nothing but a guitar and various effects pedals, looping and translating the sounds to fill the theatre. The Hawaiian native, with knee-length dreadlocks, humbly thanked the audience for being there and invited them to sing along as long as they could keep up with his high-pitched scats.


After about an hour, Hall took the stage with a percussionist, playing instruments made of keys and plastic bottle caps, and a bassist wielding an upright. He started his set with the peaceful song “Green Mountain State,” off his new album.

Hall’s album, “Chapter of the Forest,” was released June 17, prompting the creation of his “Small is Beautiful” tour. He his tour took him across the U.S. and Canada, and he will travel to Australia later in the year. “Chapter of the Forest” debuted at number three on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and number 17 on the iTunes Overall Albums chart.

The entire show had such a positive and uplifting vibe, not only because of the soulful music of both Trevor Hall and Mike Love, but because the concert also raised money for several causes, such as the “Love your Brain” foundation.

Hall kept a positive vibe and humor the entire show, even during the story about him and his band mates being robbed of their clothes on the “Small is Beautiful” tour.

“Yeah, it’s really beautiful when you have like, two t-shirts and one pair of socks,” Hall said to the audience.

Hall performed his encore in the crowd, surrounded by fans. (Photo courtesy of Kedge Stokke)
Hall performed his encore in the crowd, surrounded by fans. (Photo courtesy of Kedge Stokke)

He was very interactive with his audience: talking to those in the front row, shouting to the people in the over 21 years old section, and even inviting a fan to jump on stage to take a selfie with him. Hall played a variety of his most popular songs from both old and new albums, such as “Lime Tree,” “Obsidian,” “Promise Land” and “Unity”.

As soon as Hall exited the stage the crowd started stomping and chanting his name begging for more. At first, when the percussionist and bassist started taking their instruments off the stage, it looked like there wasn’t going to be an encore, but to the crowd’s delight, Trevor Hall, his band and Mike Love made their way into the center of the crowd to play an acoustic version of Hall’s song “O Haleakala”. It forced the crowd to stay silent in order to hear the performance, only quietly humming along to the melody.

If given the chance, everyone should go to a Trevor Hall concert. This performance got 10 out of 10 dreadlocks, for creating an atmosphere of positive vibes, messages of peace and love and a happy audience.

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