Tips and tricks for how to deal with class-related anxiety

Anna Groeling

For students, stress makes up a major portion of everyday life.

With classes starting to pick up and workloads getting heavier, our lives are getting busier and more stressful than ever. Soon the weeks will be filled with deadlines, projects and tests, and we will be longing for the simplicity of summer, if we aren’t already.


When we’re up to our ears in stress, it’s easy to forget about our overall well-being.

Below are are several tips to effectively manage stress this year:

1. Exercise

Sweat off the tension in the sun, or hit the Rec Center. Even a short, ten-minute walk will make a difference. Exercising vastly improves your mood, and may contribute to higher energy levels. Drinking water regularly will also help you focus throughout the day.

2. Manage Time Efficiently

Prioritize your time by using a planner or a to-do list. Crossing out finished assignments can give a secret satisfaction, and it’ll be one less task to worry about. Designate a quiet space to work on your homework every day.

3. Put the Phone Away

First, turn off your device. Then step away from the screen, slowly. Being too attached to your electronics may make you more stressed out.

4. Reach Out

Keep open lines of communication with friends and family, and talk about those bad days. No one is a superhero. Talking to a valued person in your life can help you find perspective when you need it most. If this is uncomfortable, try journaling regularly.


5. Eating Healthy

You have one body, and it deserves care and attention. Your food affects how you feel throughout the day. If you’re always on the go, perhaps try planning your meals ahead of time. Green tea is a healthy alternative to an energy drink or soda.

6. Read Random Stress Articles

Chocolate is also recommended.

The key is not avoiding stress; it’s learning how to manage it. Stress is simply a part of life. College comes with a plethora of stressors, and it can be easy to forget about our health in dealing with anxiety and stress. Whether it’s learning to live with complete strangers, renting a house, or picking a major, know that you are not alone.

Note: For those seeking professional help, the CSU Health Network offers five free counseling sessions per student. Counseling Services can be reached at (970) 491-6053, and is located in Aylesworth Hall.

Collegian A&E Writer Anna Groeling can be reached at and on Twitter @agroeling.