Survival Methods to fight off the Rainy Day Blues

Anna Groeling

Rain is all rainbows and beauty. That is, until it decides to beat your hair into frizzy submission and soak through your backpack. Not only that, but the cold has chased away any thoughts of puddle jumping.

When the sun finally decides to show its face, chances are you’ll be screaming up to the sky in overwhelming gratitude.


Rain falls on the CSU Plaza on Sept. 29 (Photo courtesy of McKenna Ferguson)
Rain falls on the CSU Plaza on Sept. 29 (Photo credit: McKenna Ferguson)

Until then, it’s time to take a stand against the rain. Here is your Five Step Survival Guide:

1. Super Socks

Your feet and legs may currently be covered in mud, but you don’t have to live like that. There are other options. Consider knee-high socks your best defense. They’re warm and fuzzy, so it’ll feel like you’re getting hugged by a baby panda.

2. Grandma’s Sweater

Honestly, it’s either the knee-high socks or the ugly christmas sweater. It’s cold outside and you need something snuggly and warm; which one are you going to choose?

3. Make a Fort

Sometimes the indoors is a prison, but tonight it’s your castle. Create your own dungeon with only a few simple tools: blankets, pillows, Netflix, and maybe even a moat and an alligator.

4. Make a Raft

Once the water level increases, standing on cars and using paddles will become your only option. Nothing will stop you from taking that test, not even rain. Don’t worry about being judged if you decide to build a raft. Everyone will probably just join the movement. Be that trendsetter.

5. Cook


Food is always an excellent distraction. The smells of warm spaghetti will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside and it will make you forget all your troubles. Is my homework due tomorrow? Maybe, I can’t remember. Spaghetti is the only thing that matters.

It may be drizzly and dreary outside, but don’t let the rain get you down and remember the sun is always shining… just not here.

Collegian A&E Writer Anna Groeling can be reached at or on Twitter @agroeling.