Local Spots for Birthday Giveaways

Caitlyn Berman

If you’re planning a birthday bash around town, little bonuses along the way can make the day, including free extras from local social spots. From free cupcakes to drinks and more, the following list compiles some in-town businesses and the generous specials they offer for the birthday guest. Whether you’re 21 years old or younger, there’s something for every birthday on the busy streets of Fort Collins.

CooperSmith’s Pub and Brewery (5 Old Town Square)


CooperSmith’s offers the birthday guest a selection of any house-made beer, from Peach Wheat to Boysenberry Wheat beer. If the birthday guest is under 21 years old, they will instead offer one dessert from their diverse menu. These sweets include bread pudding, brownies, chocolate mousse, root beer floats or a scoop of Walrus ice cream.

Butter Cream Cupcakery (172 N College Ave.)

With about 60 different cupcake flavors, Butter Cream Cupcakery swaps the featured flavors weekly, offering the birthday guest his/her choice of any in-store flavored cupcake, regular size, for free. Consistent in-store flavors include salty caramel, chocolate and strawberry.

Pinot’s Palette (159 W Mountain Ave.)

This artistic studio will sometimes provide the birthday person with a painted wine bottle, stocked with a paintbrush and flower. Staff will also be sure to sing the birthday song for the guest, many times the entire class of painters join in for the fun.

The Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant (143 W Mountain Ave.)

The Rio Grande excites birthday guests 21 years or older with a free Jose Cuervo Tequila shot, gold or silver. For those who are under 21, The Rio instead accommodates with free sopapillas, fried pastries made of wheat dough.

Social (1 Old Town Square #7)

Feeling social? This cocktail bar will give the birthday celebrator a small glass of sparkling white wine, free of charge.

Lucile’s (400 S Meldrum St.)


This Creole-styled hot spot fries up a full order of French fritter pastries, called beignets, sprinkled with sugar and free of charge for the birthday person.

Bisetti’s Italian Restaurant (120 S College Ave.)

After dinner, Bisetti’s will present the birthday guest with a slice of their homemade cheesecake for free.

Beau Jo’s (205 N. College Ave.)

Beau Jo’s offers the birthday guest a small, hot fudge lava bun cake for free in celebration of the special day.

Austin’s American Grill (100 W Mountain Ave.)

Austin’s American Grill caps off dinner with a free sundae for the birthday person, made with ice cream and hot fudge.

La Luz Mexican Grill (200 Walnut St.)

La Luz Mexican Grill gives the birthday celebrator a free sopapilla, a fried pastry made with sugar and honey.

Old Chicago (147 S College Ave.)

For those who are members of Old Chicago’s World Beer Tour Program, birthday guests get a large, one-topping pizza for free!

Yum Yum Restaurant (1300 W Elizabeth St.)

For those who want to head out of Old Town, the Middle Eastern Yum Yum Restaurant will give the birthday guest a free shot at the bar, something mixed and made by the bartender on the spot.

Collegian A&E Writer Caitlyn Berman can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com or on Twitter @CaitlynBerman.