Geocaching: gotta cache ’em all

Jessie Trudell

Several geocaching apps, such as Geocaching Intro, are available for download. (Photo by Ricki Watkins)
Several geocaching apps, such as Geocaching Intro, are available for download. (Photo by Ricki Watkins)

Geocaching: noun; the recreational activity of hunting for and/or finding a hidden object by means of GPS coordinates posted on a website or mobile phone application.

For those of you that seek a thrill but aren’t quite ready to jump out of a plane or climb a 14er, check out the growing game of geocaching! All you have to do is download one of the many geocaching apps on your phone and you’re ready to begin the hunt.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of geocaching, it’s the process of following a satellite GPS map that streams live from the palm of your hand in order to find “caches,” hidden waterproof containers of various sizes that often encase a log book and some random swag. Get this – no matter where you go, your geocaching app will locate the caches right around your location. This activity is perfect for those of you new to Fort Collins and the Colorado State campus.  What better way to explore a new place than to hunt for hidden treasure?

Geocaching is the thrill without the threat. Get your adrenaline going and set out on adventure to find anything from an old action figure to pictures from all over the world.

“Once I found a tribute to someone’s new baby nephew,” Alexandrea Rager, freshman at CSU recalls. “It had a picture and a pacifier, and it was pretty impactful to see someone share their family like that. It was dope.”

Unlike Rager, there are lots of students here at CSU that haven’t even heard of these addicting adventures.

“It sounds like a little mini adventure all by itself,” said Kendall Kimbrough, also a freshman at CSU. “I really want to try it now that I actually know what it is!”

But if we’ve sparked your interest and you’re dying to get out there and find your first cache, know that there are a basic set of rules that members of the geocaching community respect and abide by.

The first is that upon finding a cache, date and sign the logbook if there is one. It keeps the game going and it’s awesome to be able to see how many people have found it before you – or if you’re the first finder.

Second, if you find something absolutely awesome in the container that you just can’t leave behind, make sure you put something of equal or greater geocaching value back into the container.

All geocachers share two things in common – a love of adventure and a respect for the friendly community that geocaching promotes. Keep things appropriate and safe so that everyone can have a great experience.

Try out these FREE geocaching apps available in the app store to find out which one is right for you:


  • Traveler’s Quest (Kitty Code)
  • Geocaching Intro (Groundspeak Inc.)
  • Commander Compass Lite (Pavel Ahafonau)

If you have any questions about the art of the cache, check out this geocaching guide.

Article produced by College Avenue Magazine.