Free falling with friends: CSU’s Sky Diving Club

Nicole Leicht

CSU senior Samantha Zehner glides in from her first skydiving experience. (Photo Courtesy of Samantha Zehner).
CSU senior Samantha Zehner glides in from her first skydiving experience. (Photo Courtesy of Samantha Zehner).

There’s nothing like a little free fall to get your adrenaline pumping. And what better way to get involved than jumping out of planes with your fellow rams? To some it may come as a surprise, but CSU has it’s very own Skydiving Club where you can do just that.

For the past two years, the Skydiving Club has given adventure and adrenaline seeking students a thrilling outlet. With around 50 members, the club has gained an avid following. One of these followers is senior Communications and Media Studies student, Travis Paul.


“We love introducing the sport to new people and have a lot of knowledge to share with those who want to become certified skydivers,” Paul said.

There’s no requirement of previous experience to join the club and it’s free – so no excuses for those who’re interested. The club tries to meet on a weekly, sometimes monthly basis to plan out days to take the plunge for both experienced jumpers and newbies.

For those who aren’t quite sold and are looking to test the waters, you can join the club for one of their indoor skydiving nights. Members meet up and carpool to Denver for a night of food and simulated skydiving. Going to the wind tunnel in Denver allows the members to share the experience of free fall at a much more reasonable price. It’s also an ideal option for training during the upcoming winter months.

But for Paul the real deal is no biggie, seeing as he has reached around 50 jumps. Growing up near an airport, Paul spent his childhood watching skydivers and from that an obsession was born. Not being the cheapest of sports, Paul had to sell his car to get certified. The adventures it has taken him on make up for it though, he said.

“My favorite part about skydiving is getting to share such an exhilarating moment with your close buddies,” Paul said.

If you find yourself yearning for a little exhilaration as well, simply visit the Skydiving Club’s Facebook page for updates and meeting times. Who knows, free falling might just become your new favorite sport.