Fort Collins welcomes new laser tag arena

Emily Short

Along with bowling, Chipper's Lanes is now home to a new second floor with a laser tag arena. (Photo illustration by Sarah Fish)
Along with bowling, Chipper’s Lanes is now home to a new second floor with a laser tag arena. (Photo illustration by Sarah Fish)

For Fort Collins laser tag enthusiasts, Chipper’s Lanes recently opened a two-story laser tag arena.

The new addition to Chipper’s Lanes includes the newest technology in laser tag, meaning more accurate guns, more receptive targets and an overall better experience.


“My favorite part is that the arena is two floors,” said Neal Harris, an employee at Chipper’s Lanes. “When the fog is on and the music is going, it creates a really cool feel, especially with lasers shooting everywhere.”

This new laser tag arena has been designed and airbrushed as the “mysterious planet ChipTAR; a land of adventure to battle on a deadly but beautiful alien planet,” according their website.

Forget your basic black walls, this arena has been decked out to create a desert, alien looking enclosure, with even Chipper dressed as a space warrior. The design adds to the atmosphere and creates more camouflage for participant.

“We wanted it to appeal to boys, girls, and to be family friendly,” said Phil Carpenter, marketing director for Chipper’s Lanes. “We wanted to get away from themes like zombies.”

Groups as big as six people will split into two teams and they will face off against each other. Each person gets a vest with a gun attached. All of the vests have different characters, such as Deadpool or Loki.

The area is dark save for backlights and lasers circling along the walls. Each team has a base to protect. There a certain targets along the walls players can hit for more points. Ramps lead to the second floor, which presents an advantage to shoot other players down below.

At the end of the round, players receive a printout showing their individual and team statistics and rankings. A player can tell how many times they tagged others, their accuracy and number of shots fired.

“We wanted to provide more value to our customers,” Carpenter added. “This is something our customers have been looking for and an addition from which Fort Collins could benefit.”

It is open seven days a week and most days prices range from $6-$8 per round, depending on the time or day. Wednesday afternoons are half price.

“It gets very busy on Friday and Saturday nights,” said Harris. “I’ve seen people of all ages play: adults, parents with their kids, teenagers. It’s great because people can switch off between bowling, laser tag, and the arcade. It has been a big hit so far.”


For more information on laser tag at the Fort Collins Chipper’s Lanes call (970)266-6327.

Collegian A&E Writer Emily Short can be reached at or on Twitter @TheNamesShort.