Forgotten September Holidays

Anna Groeling

We don’t need an occasion to celebrate pizza, but there’s a holiday for it anyways. Friday, Sept. 5, is National Cheese Pizza Day.

This is just one of the offbeat holidays coming this September. Others include Hobbit Day on Sept. 22 and Hug a Vegetarian Day on Sept. 30.


“I think it’s awesome because you can celebrate something everyday,” said psychology major Shai Pomeranz. The freshman is particularly fond of Pet Rock Day.

“I’d grab my pet rock from my room, dress it up nice,” Pomeranz said of the Sept. 7 holiday. “I’d take it to class with me.”

Stephanie Bess, undeclared freshman, also approves of the wacky national holidays.

“They aren’t affiliated with any religion, so anyone can participate,” Bess said. “[For Vegetarian Day] I would have conversations with a lot of people and give them a big bear hug.”

However, not all students are in complete favor.

“I would probably get some pepperoni pizza just to spite it,” Chase Firth, sophomore political science major, said of Cheese Pizza Day.

In response to the different occasions, students got creative in coming up with their own holidays.

“[I would have] a day to rally and talk about civil rights,” said Trevaughn Hawkins, sophomore electronic arts major.

“I would create Favorite Kitchen Utensil Day,” Pomeranz said of her made-up holiday. “People would walk around with their favorite kitchen utensil and make music with it. And they can only cook meals and eat with that utensil.”

Stephanie Bess’s holiday would focus on music.


“Michael Jackson Day,” Bess suggested. “Because he’s a legend.” On this day, people can only listen to Michael Jackson’s songs. Citizens would also dress like the King of Pop and moonwalk everywhere they went. No regular walking allowed.

There’s a holiday for every day of the year, whether it be wacky or just forgotten. World Beard Day happens to be this Saturday, Sept. 6.

One thing that is certain is that there is a holiday for everyone.

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