Food frenzy in FoCo: adrenaline-filled feasts

Jessie Trudell

Fat Shack Challenge sandwich
The Fat Shack Challenge involves eating three of these 1.5 pound, eight-inch sandwiches in a half hour. (Photo by Megan Rakoczy)

Sure, you’ve been full.  Sure, you’ve eaten spicy foods. But for the real eaters out there, well, you aren’t a true glutton until you’ve conquered the biggest and baddest food challenges that Fort Collins has to offer. From fragrant fried food to pizza so spicy you’re sure to breathe fire, conquer these feats that may be tough on the tummy but triumphant for the taste buds.

First, check out the Fat Shack Challenge. This feast is notorious for peaking interest in customers promising they’ll come back to beat it “later this week.”


“I think we’ve only had seven or eight complete it successfully out of 700 or easily 800,” said Willie Rice, General Manager of the Fat Shack on S. College Ave.

Competitors have a half hour to eat three 1.5 pound, eight-inch sandwiches stacked high with only the greasiest french fries, cheese steak, jalapeño peppers, onion rings, chicken tenders and your choice of sauce. The prize for completing this near-impossible endeavor? Fat Shack will put the sandwiches on the house (approximately $30 total), hook you up with a T-shirt, and, perhaps most boast-worthy, put your picture on the wall with the rest of the Fat Shack Challenge victors. If you have the guts to stomach this food frenzy, don’t be upset if your picture ends up on the “Wall of Shame,” with the hundreds of others that couldn’t finish this feast!

“We have a lot more photos on the failed wall,” Rice said.

If you survive the Fat Shack Challenge, see if you can handle what Uncle Vito’s Too can bring to the table. Think you’ve had it  spicy? Think again! Try Vito’s Ghost Challenge to truly test your taste buds. What is it, exactly? Challengers have 12 minutes to finish a 12-inch Ghost Pepper Pizza, dripping in Vito’s spicy sauce and – you guessed it – smothered with insanely hot ghost peppers. Competitors cannot drink during the challenge, and must hold down the whole ghost pepper pizza for a whopping 12 minutes! Respectively, only 12 people have completed the challenge recently, but you could be the 13th. Winners receive a T-shirt and their picture on the wall, as well as boasting rights for at least a year. Vito’s redefines the word “spicy” with their signature sauce and Ghost Pepper Pizza that is almost too deadly to devour.

If you’re in the mood for a big meal with a hefty side of adrenaline, make sure to check out these challenges to see if you’re just an amateur eater or a real five-star foodie.

Article produced by College Avenue Magazine.