5 Adrenaline Trends

Nicole Leicht

Karin Mol, a junior in graphic design major, practices her balancing skills slacklining at City Park. (Photo by Megan Rakoczy)
Karin Mol, a junior in graphic design major, practices her balancing skills slacklining at City Park. (Photo by Megan Rakoczy)

1)   Hiking 14ers:

It would almost be rude of us to ignore the natural beauty that is Colorado’s landscape. With 58 peaks exceeding 14,000 feet, there is no shortage of adventure here. There’s a reason why “America the Beautiful” was inspired by Pikes Peak, one of the most well known 14ers. So take the time and set aside a day to join the 14er club; you will not be disappointed.

2)   Slacklining:

Take a walk around campus and chances are you will probably run into a group of slackliners. It’s those people that are somehow walking on a rope strung between two trees. Slacklining is no easy task, but with benefits like improved balance, muscle rehabilitation and stress relief, it might be worth the practice needed to master it. Interested in giving it a shot? Then check out Fort Collins based company Rocky Mountain Slackline for lessons and more information.


3)   Rock Climbing/Bouldering:

One more adventurous sport that utilizes the natural beauty that we call home: rock climbing. You don’t even have to go far to experience this one — Horsetooth is one of the best places to climb. There are a variety of types to choose from: free climbing (one of the most commonly used methods) to bouldering (no ropes used). Or opt for a more controlled environment like the wall at our very own campus Rec Center.

4)   Rafting/Tubing:

There’s nothing like taking on some rapids while rafting down a raging river. It is an adrenaline rush and a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Take a whitewater-rafting trip down the Poudre for a thrilling time. Or for those looking to take a more laid back approach, you can easily rent tubes and take a float down the Poudre.

5)   Obstacle Courses:

Chances are you’ve seen those pictures, the ones of extremely athletic people covered in mud looking like warriors who have just won a battle. They are the survivors of the Tough Mudder and other obstacle course based events. These types of events have become quite popular with adrenaline and adventure seekers. It’s simple really — you just go through 10 to 12 miles of electroshock, fire jumping, wall climbing and other fairly easy obstacles. No biggie, it’s not like they call it a Tough Mudder for any specific reason.

Article produced by College Avenue Magazine.