A real tour of Colorado State University

Sure, one might see a map around campus or hear the good and bad about certain buildings, but what are you really walking into when you come to Colorado State University?

Before making the first fateful trek to campus of the semester, familiarize yourself with the buildings that you’ll come to know all too well by December.


Visual Arts: The creative haven

Equipment outside of the Visual Arts Building (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • Expect juniors and seniors working constantly in the studios.
  • This is a great place to park a bike if you’d like to avoid the main campus strip.
  • The building is nicer than many others, but you may end up in a classroom obviously designed for art labs.
  • The Graffiti Garden is an interesting staple of CSU and definitely something to check out.

Behavioral Sciences Building: The safe haven

Behavioral Sciences Building (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • There’s a coffee shop on the first floor that is usually less crowded than Morgan’s Grind.
  • The balcony on the fourth floor has a stunning view if you need a change of pace.
  • The BSB is another location on campus to rent laptops out.
  • Rooms can be reserved after hours by students, and it’s generally a good building for studying.

Andrew G. Clark Building

Clark A: The luxurious lecture halls

A study area in Clark A (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • The majority of Clark A consists of lecture halls
  • Be aware of the swivel chairs, because they can be a pain.
  • There are areas with seating that make for a great study spot between classes.
  • Clark A is a great place to hang out once it gets dark and cold.

Clark B: The bridge

An outside view of Clark B (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • Use Clark B to stay inside while traveling through campus.
  • This area is mostly offices for professors and department specific rooms.

Clark C: The dark, windowless hub

An outside view of Clark C (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • There isn’t necessarily anything fancy here.
  • You’re main options in the classroom will be a small desk with little surface area, or long tables shared with three other classmates.
  • The classrooms are usually decent, but some are very cramped.
  • The bathrooms are incredibly easy to locate on either side of the building.
  • There aren’t many windows, so it can feel a little isolated at times.

The Engineering Building: The prison

The pendulum in the Engineering Building (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • There is a huge pendulum that is always interesting to observe.
  • CSU opened a 3-D printing lab over the summer in the Engineering Building.
  • The technology is not the best. We’re talking overhead projectors.
  • It really feels like a prison. Dark, cold and with no promise of escape. Well, maybe not that last one.

Military Sciences: The bunker

The Military Sciences Building (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • The air conditioning and heat can be exceptionally loud.
  • On that note, the temperature can be very irregular.
  • The entire building is dimly lit and very intimidating.
  • It’s a proper building in areas, but in a federal facility sort of way.

Morgan Library

The Morgan Library (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)

Floor 1: The watering hole

  • Morgan’s Grind: it’s delicious, but it’s also the busiest coffee place on campus.
  • Probably the best place to rent out materials for classes.
  • The lobby is a good place to meet people from class

Floor 2

  • There are white boards everywhere for students to write equations.
  • Floor 2 has lounge chairs for reading, with a scenic parking lot view.
  • The RamCard office can be found here.

Floor 3

  • Two words: Couch room.
  • Also nice: Quiet room.
  • It gets louder as you go up. There are a lot of groups working on the second and third floors.
  • Feel adult with the big, expansive and professional looking tables.
  • There is a red room perfect for lounging.

Basement: The work zone

  • The basement is very solitary. You go there to get things done.

Yates Hall

Yates Hall (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • There need to be at least two more staircases.
  • It’s convoluted because an entire lecture hall waits for class in a really small area.
  • The building itself and the furniture is older, but the technology is very 2014.

Lory Student Center: Home of the Rams

The Lory Student Center is under construction (Photo credit: Keegan Williams)
  • A bar on campus? Actually, yes, and a new brewery! Hit up the Ramskeller here.
  • Drain your funds at the bookstore.
  • There’s also a convenience store. Great in the winter when you need cold meds in a pinch.
  • Visit the Collegian, CTV, College Ave and KCSU in the student media offices.
  • ASCSU, the Career Center, the Women and Gender Advocacy Center and the ticket office are housed in the LSC.
  • It’s one of the best places to hang out between classes, if not the best.
  • University sponsored events take place in the LSC.
  • Everything is going to be brand new!

Collegian Features and Entertainment Editor Keegan Williams can be reached at entertainment@collegian.com.

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