Literary Costume Party at Odell Brewing

Katie Schmidt

Correction: A previous version of this article misidentified Jason Hardung’s name. The Collegian regrets its error.

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Imagine a room where Dr. Seuss, the Hungry Caterpillar and Mary Poppins are all having a beer.

Attendees of the Literary Costume Party, hosted by Odell Brewing Co., dressed as their favorite literary characters and authors. Guests were treated to an evening of poetry readings, live music and a silent auction for antique books.

The event was held by Wolverine Farm Publishing in honor of the third annual Old Town Book Fair.

Fort Collins poet laureate Chloé Leisure started off the poetry reading dressed as Dorothy Parker. Leisure said Parker was the first poet whose work she memorized.

Leisure told the audience her poetry was not as uplifting as the other two poets reading that night.

“My Mr. Bean voice comes out when I’m nervous,” Leisure said after reading her first poem.

Leisure was followed by Jack Martin, dressed as poet Russell Edson. Martin read “Noisy Pants” and “Fundamental Misreadings.”

“This has to do with my marriage, which doesn’t exist anymore,” Martin said of “Fundamental Misreadings.”

“George Bush was the presidential version of my marriage,” Martin read.

The last poet to perform was Jason Hardung. He read “Alone in a Vietnamese Restaurant,” along with autobiographical poetry.


When I was 21 I convinced myself I was Jesus, except with the sad blue eyes and song writing skills of Kurt Cobain,” Hardung read.

One of Hardung’s poems described God.

“Our God is a mouth-breather who lives in his mother’s basement,” Hardung read. “Our God has never been laid  I’m going to hell.”

After the poetry readings, the winners of best costume were announced. The trophy went to Jessica Moore, dressed as Mary Poppins, and James Hoovler, dressed as the chimney sweep.

Denver alternative band Snake Rattle Rattle Snake closed the event.

A Day of Workshops will be held July 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at various Fort Collins locations.

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