Years in Review: 2010-2014

We often forget the major events that happen in the world as the time passes. For graduating seniors, they have experienced a lot, not only on the CSU campus, but also on the international level as well. Here are some of the things that have happened in the last four years:


January 4: Dubai tower opened


January 12: Haiti earthquake

February 12-28: 2010 Winter Olympics

April 20: Gulf Coast Oil spill

May 1: Greece is bailed out by the EU

June 11-July 11: 2010 World Cup


March 11: Japan tsunami/earthquake

April 19 – Condolezza Rice speaks at Moby Arena

April 29: Prince William and Kate Middleton marry

May 1: Osama bin Laden dead

July 21: NASA ends space shuttle program


September 17: Occupy Wall Street

December 13: Jim McElwain named football coach


June 9 – High Park fire

July 20: Aurora Theater Shooting

July 27-August 12 : 2012 Summer Olympics

October 24-30: Hurricane Sandy

November: Marijuana legalized in CO and WA

December 14: Sandy Hook Shooting

December: The Fashion Report launches


March 13: Pope Francis elected

April: party riot, Campus Renovations

April 15: Boston Marathon Bombing

June 6: Edward Snowden leaks classified CIA information

July 22: Prince George of Cambridge is born


February 7-25: 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

March 8: Malaysia Flight 370 disappears in South Pacific

May 10 – MAX bus systemlaunched