What we will miss, or not, about CSU

Ever walked around campus and thought about what really annoys you? What about the things you can’t live without? I can imagine my life without CSU, but I can’t imagine my experience at CSU without these best and worst traits.



Will Miss


  1. Coffee shops within walking distance — if not in the building. Caffeine didn’t always rule my life, but it definitely helped in the past few years to have any type of espresso drink available at a reasonable price.

  2. The fragrant, white blossoms on the tree under Clark C. Have you ever noticed how Clark C frames the tree under it for the perfect halo of light? It is one of my favorite parts of campus, even though it only blooms for a couple of weeks in the year.

  3. The people. I love being surrounded by people all working toward goals, inspiring intelligence and loving life so much.


Won’t Miss


  1. Construction. Everyone keeps saying it, but walking through construction zones is never fun.

  2. Bad professors. I mean professors that don’t care about their students, don’t care about what their students get out of class or don’t enjoy teaching. Why bother working that hard to be a professor to not be devoted in the students?

  3. Mile high anti-abortion signs. Going to school is hard, everyone fights battles each day, adding the stress of unwanted images blown up to 500 times the original size is awful.


Of course there are so many things between the best and worst things about campus, but I have to say, this University has been my home for four years, and it is an amazing place to be able to remember years from now.