It’s Okay Not To Know: Life After College

I graduate from college in five days. Five. Days.

The past 8184 have been training me for this last one that’s supposed to mark the start of my bright future. After getting this piece of paper I’m going to just figure everything out, right? Well I’m waiting. You better hurry up universe, you only have five more days.


Because truth is I don’t have it figured out. Next week I will have this piece of paper but no high paying position yet and I struggle seeing all my friends get married or move away to big kid jobs, and I think what’s next?

And then I realize, it’s whatever I want. I have nothing holding me back (except loans). Still, I can literally go anywhere or do anything. Because of my piece of paper, doors are opened. I don’t have a family that is depending on me to support them or the pressure of being a mature adult, and I am well practiced in being poor and happy.

So I am not going to let it discourage me, but I am going to appreciate this short period of rest before the beginning of the badass career I am going to have. I am going to keep moving forward and working for what I want but just be proud that I did something pretty amazing. I graduated college! And was on the deans list. And had the greatest experiences. And made the best friends. And this stress of not being exactly where I imagined isn’t going to take away from that. I worked hard for those 8184 days.