How to get fit before finals

With the year winding down, and swimsuit season quickly approaching, you’re probably starting to notice how your body is looking in those short shorts. If you’re looking to feel refreshed, tone, and maybe to relieve some stress, it might not be a bad idea to pop in on a few fitness classes offered at the Rec Center. aeefdc659bbb3068820ddf3c1c3aa12e

Cycle 45 


Cleverly hiding behind the somewhat relaxed title of a  ‘cycling’ class, this workout is far from a bike ride on a sunny afternoon. If you’re looking to get a really good workout in, in about 45 minutes or so this is probably what you should get into. imagesWhen I first got on the bike I thought, ‘What could be better a workout while sitting!’ Well I was very wrong in assuming that sitting would make the workout any less intense. The cycling classes are actually extremely intense for a work out where you sit about 70% of the time. Each time I’ve gone since I’ve first started I’ve found new ways to challenge myself and I always feel like I’ve gotten a great workout in once I leave. So don’t be fooled, cycling is sweaty, strenuous work out that could probably take some getting used to.

Boot Camp

Haven’t worked out in a while? Feeling inadequate? Need to significantly lower your self-esteem? If you answered yes to the previous questions then it’s time to take a little class called ‘Boot Camp.’ I enjoyed the work out I got from this class don’t get me wrong, but I did not enjoy the fact that I actually felt like I was at camp. Throughout this class you can expectmy-favorite-gym-exercise to work up a sweat and push yourself the entire time, but all while you’re being watched by the instructor and classmates.  This ‘camp’ kind of feels like you’re doing some sort of team building exercise in the way that you’re not so much focused on your own fitness. . . but more so on how everyone else in the class is pretty much competing with you. If you’re into looking for other gym regulars to motivate you and shame you into pushing yourself then this is the class for you. My only advice is: don’t mess up, everyone is watching and feeding off of your failure.


If you’re looking to take a class that will not waste a minute of your time HIIT is where you want to be. This workout emphasizes using every minute that you’re in the studio to work towards your fitness goals. Surprisingly you are even workoutworking out when you’re watching a demonstration for the next exercise. During the time that you’re in the studio you’re doing work out moves that you might not expect to get a burn from, but leave your muscles sore and on fire. This class is very individualized so you don’t make contact with any of the people who are working out with you, and probably after 5 minutes of being in there you will probably forget about anyone but yourself and how out of breath you are. This is a good class to get your energy up for the day, and to get a full body workout.


Never underestimate a work out class that is 30 minutes. ABsoultion will have your abs, back and chest muscles working in a high gear once you leave the room. Although this workout is relatively short, this basically just means you’re working pretty hard the entire time with littlesits-ups-expectations-vs-reality breaks. This work out is a great way to target a specific part of your body in an intense way that during some exercises you might not even notice the burn you’re feeling in your abs until after. Most of the exercises in this class in my experience take place on your back, side, or stomach, which is always nice when you’ve just had a really intense leg work out. Overall working your abs for thirty minutes can be a little intense, but taking this class can make ab workouts in other classes seem like less of a big deal.