Friends in College, Friends for Life: Four Tips on Staying in Touch With College Friends

The last four years, give or take a few years for some of you, have been devoted to your life as a college student. Whether that means slaving away over an overpriced textbook, balancing school and work to make ends meet or becoming a devoted connoisseur of cheap alcohol. Whatever you chose to dedicate your college career to, you definitely won’t forget the memories you’ve made and more importantly the friends you made them with.

They’ve seen the good, the bad and the absolute terrible and somehow they still accept us. So then, it is obviously not going to be a simple task, moving on to your next step with or without these friends. Fear not though graduates; I have five tips to help you stay connected to your cherished college chums.


1) Social Media Soirees:

It may seem obvious, but so often times I think we forget. We are living in the age of social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. There are far too many ways of digital communication for us to lose touch with people over simple matters like distance or time. So log on and live vicariously (or don’t) through your friends fairytale wedding or possibly their new posh city life, don’t worry there’s no judging.

2) Go back to College:

Pay some respect to your roots, the place that made your friendship possible. Celebrate your past as a CSU Ram by dropping in for the annual Homecoming parade or attending a game (can anyone say Rocky Mountain Showdown). Lets be real, it will never get old to rally with your friends in honor of a time-old rivalry, a great game of football and maybe a beer or two.

3) Take a Vacay:

Take advantage of your college friends living elsewhere by planning a trip to visit them. It’s the perfect excuse to take a little time off to relax and rehash some of your best years and finest memories. Or you could really commit and plan a destination vacation with your friends, spring break round 2?

4) Pick up the Phone:

This may be the simplest and yet most important of all the tips. It’s as easy as picking up your smartphone whenever you need someone to laugh with over your awkward encounter or someone to vent with over your crappy day at work. Keeping your friends in the know and sharing life’s ups and downs, no matter how big or small, will help you stay connected and will allow you to grow even closer.