Colorado’s Air Dubai comes to perform at CSU

Air Dubai
Air Dubai (Photo credit: Air Dubai)

A noteworthy six-piece hip hop group straight out of Denver is coming to the CSU campus in honor of the graduating class. Air Dubai, with a unique mix of alternative and hip hop beats, will be performing in the LSC Theater on May 11. Seniors get in for free and everyone else gets in for $5.

Air Dubai started music together in 2009. They have made a place for themselves in the music industry, against the odds, with something not seen everyday: six people in one band creating harmony together with this genre of music.


“We’re six different people, with six mostly different backgrounds, but the common thread is that we all love and appreciate music, which at the end of the day is about a feeling,” the members of Air Dubai wrote in an email to the Collegian. “If it feels good, the music is good, and that’s kind of what makes it all work.”

Recently performing with Chance the Rapper at the Ogden Theater in April, Air Dubai isn’t so much about the popularity as they are about the art of performance and the experience that surfaces from that.

“The Chance show was amazing. However, our last touring year was spent doing shows with a lot of artists that we didn’t necessarily click with,” the members wrote. “It was one of those learning experiences where we were playing for these huge crowds, but the trade in was they were in front of kids who didn’t necessarily appreciate the music or were looking at your band for the wrong reasons.”

“When we play with bands we respect or in front of crowds that can at the very least listen to your music and understand the journey you’re taking them on, it’s a lot more fulfilling as an artist,” they wrote.

Dillion Rickard, a member of ASCSU, got invited into one of Air Dubai’s after-parties during Spring Break in L.A. in “one of the most amazing clubs” he’s ever been to.

“They were awesome people who just knew how to have a good time and really cared about their music,” Rickard said. “I noticed one of the lead singers cleaning up after the show while everyone else was already partying. You can really see their passion for music.”

Their music comes solely from the experience of life, even if it isn’t necessarily their own experiences, and their passion for music as individuals and as a band as a whole. Their music videos are also as visually appealing and fun as their music, which makes them all the more exciting to listen to.

“I guess the most important thing for us is to create something a little more artsy,” the members of Air Dubai wrote.

Nigel Daniels, CSU’s former student body president, went to high school with the lead singers of Air Dubai, and was more than thrilled to hear that they would be performing here, especially for his senior graduation concert.

“Both of Jon and JC are very talented Colorado natives,” Daniels said. “I’m super excited about being able to help host successful peers and friends from my past at the university that is preparing me for my future.”


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