8 Reasons being a CSU Ram was (is) awesome

Being a Colorado State Ram is awesome, unless you’re a Buff, then you probably don’t agree. Some of us love our school for the people, others love it for the experiences. Here are eight different student’s reasons for loving CSU.



  1. “The beauty of the town, the diversity, and the awesome people are why I love CSU.” -Israa Eldeiry, International Studies 2017

  2. “Not being surrounded by people that you feel may actually qualify as brain dead.” -Peter McIntosh, Physics 2016

  3. “The diversity and the location.” -Bri Updike, Equine Sciences 2016

  4. “There are so many opportunities! From internships to researching under accredited professors to studying abroad there is always something to get involved in to fit your passions.” -Erica Maestas, Psychology 2016

  5. “I think one of the great things about being at CSU is having such amazing opportunities within my major (equine sciences). The program is one of the nation’s best and I’m so lucky to be a part of it!” -Kate Alexander, Equine Science 2016

  6. “Being a CSU Ram is awesome because there is a sense of community when you are here. There’s so much diversity and people are so welcoming.” -Suzanne Pendergast, Political Science 2017

  7. “I think being a Ram is awesome because we have so many opportunities to become whatever and do whatever at CSU and we get to connect with so many great people up here.” -Lia Congrr, Journalism and Technical Communication 2016

  8. “The friendly people that make my time going here worth while!” -Lauren Sauer, Nutrition and Food Science 2017