10 Things You Can’t Say Once You’ve Graduated


I’m just a broke college kid.-This handy statement earned you pity points for just about anything, didn’t it? Unfortunately,being a broke college graduate probably won’t have the same effect.


Rain? Snow? Looks like I’m staying in bed today.-College finally gave you the freedom to make choices like this, and the real world will give you even more freedom. Your boss, however, will not.

I’ll use my student discount, please.-Now begins the grueling wait until you’re old enough to get a senior discount.

Ugh, I have so much homework!-Not anymore! Aside from all those real-world responsibilities, you might finally have some free

I can’t wait for summer break!-Remember those months called June and July? They kind of matter now – and not in a fun way.

What is this “savings account” you speak of?-It’s time to start putting money aside for important things like a house or a car – not just alcohol. (Well, maybe a little alcohol.)

These underclassmen are so annoying.-No more categorizing people based on their year in school – now your peers can get on your nerves for other reasons.

Sorry I’m late! I got caught by a Plaza preacher.-Whether you loved them or hated them, your days of getting stopped and questioned about your religious views are most likely over.

Nothing like party-hopping on a Friday night!-The longer you’re out of college, the tamer your Friday nights will become. You might as well

start stocking up on wine and board games now.

Oh no – not another finals week!


You might not remember it, but it actually is possible to enjoy every week of May and

December, and you can even do so without absurd amounts of caffeine.