Top Five April Fools’ Pranks

Filling a room with toilet paper as a practica...
Filling a room with toilet paper as a practical joke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The origins of April Fools’ Day are murky.

Some suggest that it came to be from the invention of the Gregorian calendar which moved New Years Day from late March to Jan. 1. Those who refused the move and continued celebrating on April 1 were mocked by the Gregorian believers and sent on “fool’s errands”or quests for things that did not exist.


Others point to the fact that there are many different cultures and religions who participate in foolery around late March or early April and narrowing it down to one explanation is nearly impossible.

Regardless of where it came from, April Fools’ has become a tradition worldwide. It seems that a day devoted to messing with friends and family doesn’t need an explanation to be awesome.

If you are one of the avid participants in foolishness on this and every April 1, here are some ideas for how to mess with your fellow man:


1. Airhorns

If you’re looking to give a loved one a fun heart attack this April 1, tape an air horn to the door-stop on the wall or under their height-adjustable desk chair. Sure, it might backfire because both your friend and everyone in the vicinity will hate you for it, but maybe you’re the kind of person who thinks collateral damage is sometimes a necessary evil.

2. Nicholas Cage

Just put pictures of him everywhere — the creepier the better. Cover your roommate’s side of the dorm with your favorite close-ups from “National Treasure” and tell them you can’t help take all of the pictures down because you’re going to be too busy stealing the Declaration of Independence. Bonus points if you put a sign on your front door saying “Welcome to the Cage!”

3. You’ve seen the Office, right?

Channel Jim Halpert and pull any of his classic pranks he played on an unsuspecting Dwight. This is including, but not limited to, sending them faxes from their future selves, putting their stuff in Jell-O, talking about them in Morse Code, putting their possessions in vending machines, or wrapping all their stuff in gift wrap.


4. Two birds with one stone…or rope, in this case

When you know that there are people in dorms directly across from each other, tie their front door handles together so that people inside cannot open their doors. Then knock on both doors and watch one person’s door close as the other opens. But be sure to untie it quickly after. Nobody wants to get claustrophobic in their own room.

5.Saran-wrap on everything

With this one, you can go really small or really big. Wrap a friend’s phone in 20 layers of plastic wrap and then call them. Car keys? Wrap them. Toothbrush? Wrap it. Or take it to a whole different level and wrap their car. Either way, they’ll be plenty annoyed, but no permanent damage will be done.

So there are some ideas for this April Fools’ Day. Whether you celebrate or not, remember that this day is supposed to be fun. So keep it harmless — no pranks that cause bodily injury or emotional trauma, okay? Keep it classy, Rams.

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