The Top 5 Trends We Should Bring Back and the Top 5 We Should Leave Behind:

Bring it on Back-

1) Scrunchies: Scrunchies are fantastic; I don’t care what anyone says. Before

you completely write me off for this fashion faux paus, let me explain. They


are kink-proof wonders that come in every color and pattern imaginable.

Think of them as your new go-to accessory, add some flair to your hair or try

them out as statement bracelets.

2) Fanny Packs: Another questionable choice, I know. But with a little

fashionable revamp, these bad boys could make a strong comeback. Tell me

that you wouldn’t love to have a miniature purse conveniently attached to

you. It’s foolproof, no more accidently setting it down and forgetting and

everything is always right within reach. Convinced yet?

3) Leotards/Bodysuits: They are like one-piece wonders. Don’t knock it till you

try it. It’s a simple solution to the endless search for Friday night’s outfit,


slip one of these on and throw a skirt on over and you are set. Not ready to

commit? Check out the tons of new style variations on the classic leo and I

swear you will find something that suites you.


Leave Behind-

1) Overalls: I am legitimately concerned that these are making a come back. No

good can come from an oversized denim onesie. Enough said.

2) Parachute Pants: These are quite possibly one of the most unflattering items

of clothing known to mankind. It could be their slight resemblance to a

child’s diaper or just their general ill fit, but whatever it is, these pants should

stay in the past.

3) Crocs: They had their glory days, key word had. We should have been wary

of these plastic slippers when the rumors that they were edible started. Their

odd punch hole adorned design makes them a definite statement piece, just

not the statement you want to make.



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