Fresh Faced

Spring is here, which means switching from dark, heavy makeup in favor of something

lighter and brighter. Aimee Winemiller, a personal beauty advisor for Sephora


Cosmetics, gives us insight on how to rock the spring’s hottest makeup trends.

Trend 1: Pantone Color of the Year: Radiant Orchid.

A harmonious blend of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones, this color is very versatile

and wearable in the forms of blush, lip color, eye shadow and nail polish.

“An easy way to incorporate the Radiant Orchid Color of the Year into your look is to

lightly sweep it in a figure eight motion across your cheekbone, this will give you a

natural glow and flush of color,” Winemiller advises.

Trend 2: Highlighting and contouring

This particular trend has been hot on the red carpet this awards season, with many

celebrities embracing this beauty trend.


“For a natural contoured look, comparable to that of Kim Kardsahian’s chiseled cheeks,

you can use a matte bronzer or a foundation about three shades darker than you skin

tone,” Winemiller suggests.

Apply the bronzing product to the hollows of your face, or the areas you want to appear

narrower, such as the bridge of your nose or jawline (an easy way to do this is to make

a fish face and the part where your cheeks appear concave is where you apply the

product). As for highlighting, take a highlighting product, such as a shimmery powder

or highlighting stick, and place a little bit on areas of your face that you want to draw

attention to and brighten, such as the inner corners of your eyes, cupid’s bow or on the

top of your cheekbones for a natural glow.

Trend 3: Apply SPF

An easy way to always ensure you are protected from harmful UV rays is to purchase a

moisturizer with SPF and incorporate it in to your morning routine. Additionally, you

can purchase a Beauty Balm (BB) or Color Correction (CC) cream.

“These are your ultimate multi-taskers giving you lightweight coverage, broad spectrum

SPF protection, peptides, and vitamin C,” Winemiller explains.

There is no need to wear heavy products when it’s warm outside; not only does it weigh

down your skin, it also clogs your pores! This spring is all about looking fresh and

natural so the fewer products used the better. By just adding these few products to your

collection, or utilizing products you already own, you are ready for the warm weather



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