Last Minute Spring Break Planning Guide

Vail Pass sign
Vail Pass sign (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Time is running out, and you’re left with zero plans for this spring break. It may seem like a bummer, but it is never too late to pack a bag and go on an adventure. Spring break plans do not have to require your whole paycheck or a month’s advance notice for planning—grab your favorite piece of clothing and your sunscreen, because Colorado and the US has some awesome last-minute trips to offer.

Ski and Explore


Tired of skiing Winter Park every weekend? Grab some friends and mix it up a bit by treating yourself to a couple days of skiing in Vail, Breckenridge, or Sun Valley, Utah. Explore the town, go out with the locals on a Friday night and take advantage of the Colorado spring sunshine and warm ski weather. To save money, bring food and drinks along with you to avoid eating out every night or spending excess money.

California Redwoods

A two-day trip to Redwood National and State Parks in California is the perfect last-minute excursion to experience California’s most beautiful and natural outdoors site. Stop by to enjoy Salt Lake City nightlife on the way there. Bar X is one you cannot miss, simply because of their masterfully mixed cocktails and a refreshingly cool experience. Stay the night in a cheap hotel downtown, and finish the trip to the stunning Redwoods the next day. Soak in California’s sun and natural beauty.

Hit the Outdoors

If you and your friends are fans of camping, bonfires and sunsets, then camping is the perfect last minute spring break idea for you guys. Plan a camping trip up at Horsetooth or look into driving down to Boulder and seeing what the Flat Irons have to offer. If you desire a bigger adventure, look into climbing one of Colorado’s 14ers and set up camp at the base of one. Nothing beats Colorado camping and this spring break gives you a chance to experience Colorado mountain beauty for a full 24 hours or more.

Cycling Trip

If you are a super-athlete and like the idea of cycling to your destination, then maybe you want to consider traveling by bike to your favorite mountain spot or lake. Take a couple of days with friends that also enjoy cycling and cycle your way to Colorado beauty. Take advantage of the warm spring days — hop on your bike and go!

Get out of Colorado

If you just need to get out of Colorado and experience something different this spring break, then consider picking a few spots on the map and road-tripping with friends to them. Split gas among your buddies and instead of staying in hotels, look into staying at motels, camping outside, or crashing in the car. Make the trip adventurous by getting up and going, and taking the road trip moment by moment. Who knows what adventures you’ll find?

Spring break doesn’t have to be a bummer this year. Take advantage of a week to explore, hangout, spend time with friends and venture through Colorado or other locations around the United States.


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