Top Five Places to Have Sex on Campus

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This time of year calls for some new ways to spice of your love life. Add some thrill and excitement to your usual routine, have sex on campus. Come on, you know you want to; there’s nothing wrong with adding some adventure to your sex life. You can’t deny that the risk of being caught and the endless spots to choose from  would add some much needed variety to your usual routine. So go right ahead and spread the love all over campus.


  1. The Oval-


The main attraction of campus, the Oval is a prime place to put out. Being out in the open does make this location a bit trickier to conquer though. It’s best suited for the exposed types or late hours of the night.


  1. The Rec-Center-


Add some variety to your workouts and get your sweat on in a whole new way. With a variety of areas to choose from, including the steam room, cycling studio or maybe even on a machine, you won’t be bored.


  1. The Library-


There’s something extra enticing about doing something you’re not supposed to. Sure it’s meant for studying and schoolwork, but just look at it as some anatomy homework. You could even throw in some sexy librarian role-play; just make sure to keep it quiet.



  1. Corbett laundry room-


Or any dorm laundry room for that matter. If you didn’t knock this off your freshman year, what better time to than now? It’s secluded and the added motion could make things very interesting.


  1. Clark A101-


Who hasn’t had a lecture class in this room? Doing the dirty in a room almost every student on campus has been in is quite the feat. Those large lectures will never be the same again and who knows, maybe those terrible chairs might actually be good for something.


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