Top 8 Things to Bring to the Slopes

With all the chilly weather lately, this weekend will be a great time to hit the slopes. There will be prime powder no matter which mountain you decide to ride. There are some essential items to bring to the slopes if you want to have a good time and stay warm.

1. Hand and Toe Warmers


These little guys are a magical invention. Just stick them in your gloves or boots and that ride up the ski lift will be so much warmer, even in the subzero temperatures that have been taking over the state lately.

2. Mittens

This might sound nerdy, but mittens are the bomb. They keep all your fingers together so they share body heat and keep you warmer. Mittens are probably the one time having opposable thumbs is a bit of a bummer.

3. Helmet

I don’t care if you’re skiing or snowboarding, you need a helmet. Trees are real. People crash into them and die. Plus, helmets keep your head even warmer than just wearing a hat.

4. Warm Socks

If you’re anything like me, you know this is essential for any winter activity. If your feet aren’t happy, it makes it a whole lot harder for the rest of your body to be happy.

5. Camera

You never know what could happen. You could land that jump or catch your buddy in an epic fall. Either way, if you catch it on tape you can relive the moment over and over again.

6. Gator


This is even better than a scarf because it won’t have an unexpected hole where a gaping pocket of freezing air attacks your skin. Lots of them even have holes for your mouth and nose so you can still breathe.

7. Waterproof pants and jacket

As I always say, if you don’t fall you’re not pushing yourself. So no matter how many triple black diamond runs you can ski down backwards with one ski in the air, chances are you might be on your butt some. Keep it dry and it won’t be so hard to recover from a fall.

8. Skis/Snowboard

I know this is obvious, but it’s kind of the whole reason you’re bringing the other seven things, so don’t blow it. Unless you’re renting at the mountain — in that case, bring your credit card.

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